Green Bank Telescope

The Robert C. Byrd Green Bank Telescope is the world’s largest fully steerable radio telescope. The total surface collecting area is 2.3 acres wide, and 100 meters in diameter. It is truly a site to see! You will not believe how large it is! It rises above the rolling countryside below in a majestic way. Nestled in Green Bank, West Virginia, in the National Radio Quiet Zone. The NRQT is a unique place where all radio transmissions are heavily restricted by law.

The Green Bank Telescope uses the power of radio waves to explore our universe. The science and research discoveries provided are invaluable. The structure weights 7,600 metric tons, and is about 485 feet tall. It contains 2,209 actuators, which adjust and move 2,004 surface panels. A variety of projects and research utilize the Green Bank Telescope including ones that look at black holes, stellar birth and pulars. It is being used to perform research into the Big Bang Theory, the origins of life, extraterrestrial life, and universe expansion.

West Virginia’s Space Place!

Tours of the Green Bank Science Center, which houses the Green Bank Observatory site happen each day. Prices for guided tours are very reasonable, and cost less than $10 for adults. Admission to the Green Bank Science Center and Exhibit Hall is free. You can also download a map from their website and tour the area for free by yourself. Be careful to pay attention to the signage all around the science center. Many areas are restricted by the U.S. military. You should be on the lookout for signs when taking a self guided tour. The guided tour includes a video and a bus ride out to the restricted telescope site.

green bank telescope

Contact information for Green Bank Telescope

155 Observatory Rd, Green Bank, WV 24944