Highland Scenic Highway

The Highland Scenic Highway may be one of the most memorable destinations in the region.  It’s slow wind turns and spectacular views provide a great drive to any destination. This scenic drive can be enjoyed year round for both travel and leisure.

A Sight to See

Due to its far stretch Highland Scenic Highway spans across Pocahontas County from US Route 219, Routes 150, 55, and 39. Along this gorgeous route there are many places to stop and stretch each providing its own unique features and sights. These stops are part of the history of the Highland Scenic Highway. They consist of overlooks, educational and recreational pit stops to help highlight  the highway drive.

Highland Scenic Highway, Honeycomb Rocks Trail, Black Mountain Overlook, Williams River Valley Overlook, Cranberry Mountain Nature Center, and Huntersville Presbyterian Church are just to name a few. Each of these unique stops shows off a little bit of architecture, history and beauty.

Whether it’s a scenic route to final destination or just a drive to enjoy, the views and journey of this route will not disappoint.

General Information About Highland Scenic Highway

The Highland Scenic Highway winds itself through the Monogahela National Forest. It is a designated National Scenic Byway, and extends 43 miles from Richwood to US Route 218, north of Marlinton, West Virginia.

Along the Highland Scenic Highway, you will come across four (4) scenic overlooks. Each site provides a comfortable rest stop, with a gorgeous view of the surrounding valleys and long range mountain views. The highway rises from 2,325 feet above to sea level to over 4,500 feet above sea level.

The Highland Scenic Highway is a paved two-lane road, designated as State Routes 39 and 150. Rt 150 is a 23 mile Parkway section that is not maintained during the winter. Travel along this section of Rt 150 is highly discouraged between November and March.

Contact information for Highland Scenic Highway

932 North Fork Cherry Rd, Richwood, WV 26261