Monongahela National Forest

Located in the Allegheny Mountains of West Virginia, Monongahela National Forest sits on Federal protected land and spans across 921,000 acres. The land is comprised of primarily natural wilderness and forest grounds housing miles and miles of trails, campsites, hiking, biking, fishing and an abundance more recreational activities. Spanning across 10 counties in West Virginia, Monongahela National Forest is the fourth largest in the Northeast.

Explore the Outdoors

Due to it’s size and reach, this National Forest covers an abundance of land. Within the forest borders¬† many landmarks and parks can be found that stand tall on their own. A few of these notable must see’s are places such as the Cranberry Glades Botanical Area, Cranberry Mountain Nature Center, Cranberry Backcountry, Cranberry Wilderness Area, Falls of Hills Creek and the Highland Scenic Highway. Venturing off into the wilderness during any season will prove beautiful views of dense forest trees.

All throughout the Monongahela National Forest are recreational activities to enjoy for all skill levels. Leisure activities such as swimming and sightseeing can be accompanied by hundreds of miles in trials for biking, hiking and so much more.

Stay a While

Monongahela National Forest has many campsites and campgrounds across almost 300,000 acres to host visitors for both short and long stays. Visitor centers and picnic sites are located throughout the forest. Set up, then lay back and watch the sky as beautiful, crisp stars can be seen in the dark of the night and early morning sunrise is a joy to watch.

Contact information for Monongahela National Forest

200 Sycamore St Elkins WV 26241